Tom Woods

Co Founder 

Heart Wave Adventures and Surf Till 100

Tom Woods is an Advocate for Humanity.


He is also a :

  • Surfer
  • Certified Stress Management – Heart Intelligence Trainer
  • Certified Evidence Based Wellness Instructor
  • Conservationist and Environmentalist –President of Reef
  • Professional Executive Coach
  • Renewable Energy and Advanced Materials Business Owner  


 Tom has been a surfer for over 55 years consistently.


He is an explorer and adventurer similar to Felipe and Jeff and is honored to be working with them as they join together on a Hero’s Journey to make a difference in this world, with people who also want to make a difference, at a time when our Planet is in dire need of healthy leaders with the Heart and the mind of a Champion.


Felipe Pomar and Tom Woods

Kauai, Hawaii



Tom’s purpose in Life is to help you and other individuals, families and organizations increase your heart intelligence and reasoning ability to;

  • Survive together in harmony, as healthy , happy  creators of an Amazing Future
  • To find one’s heart based inner and outer purpose
  • To develop the awareness that there is a powerful source of creativity within us all to make this world, that really needs help, a better more joyful place.
  • Surf Till 100  or Your Big Hairy Goal

As a Coach and Leader, Tom emphasizes the importance of individual liberty and self-reliance, personal growth and living in harmony with each other and nature and the obligation individuals owe to their societies.



With the current world population of 7.2 billion projected to increase by 1 billion over the next 12 years and reach 9.6 billion by 2050, according to a United Nations report launched recently.....


 Tom and the Heart Wave Adventure Team  feels that if we work together we can be part of the solution to solving the problems our species faces; an increase in deadly Inflammatory Diseases, Obesity,  Depression, and addictive drug use, War, Poverty, Despair, the abuse of Mother Nature, the threat of nuclear war and Fear.



A Radical Paradigm Shift


Tom believes this will only occur when mankind creates a paradigm shift away from a failing  “survival of the fittest” mentality , a mentality that embraces a situation in which only the strongest people or things continue to live or be successful, while the others die or fail to a “survival of the most loving” mentality a mentality that embraces the Heart Intelligence software package within all of us that recognizes the wholeness of life and  provides the intuitive guidance to help support the survival of all life forms .


“Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion

to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” 

- Albert Einstein


It’s a radical shift from its only about me to it’s about WE and its happening now!


Tom believes that living a long, healthy and rewarding life is within reach for all of us when we tap into our Heart Intelligence, take greater responsibility across the web of life and practice evidence based wellness assisted by doctors that practice functional medicine.




Competitive Events


Similar to Felipe Tom loves everything to do with the ocean, he did some competitive Surfing in his early years but he loved free surfing and exploration better and doing wild things like setting the World Surfboard Speed Record around the year 2002 with a very futuristic surfboard!



 Tom does love a Challenge like the one he took in 2013 to train with Felipe when Felipe decided to break a paddling record that he set 50 years prior in Lima Peru.


Do to his commitment to staying fit and following anti-aging practices and utilizing the knowledge of functional medicine at 67 years of age Tom became Felipe’s paddling partner competing in both Prone and SUP Paddling Contests in South America and Hawaii.


That seems pretty amazing but Felipe, Jeff and Tom feel the best years are yet to come.


Business Experience

Commercial Diver, Music Publisher, Science Fiction and Art Publisher, Vice president of Sales for a major Global Health and Fitness program, Certified Stress Management Trainer, Certified Professional Coach and Leadership trainer.





Social Entrepreneurship


As a Social Entrepreneur, Tom’s business ventures now move into the development of Renewable Energy Plants around the Globe that will help mankind move away from a dependence on Fossil Fuels through his company Synergistic Energy Systems Inc.


He is also a founding member of Nova Graphene a manufacturer of a new advanced material that is very environmentally friendly and will be involved in major advancements in the building of the infrastructure of the future through a team that he helped create.


Tom is also very involved in  supporting major Forest Fire Remediation programs

in California and Colorado


( Below Tom and Future Stewards of Our Ocean Environment)




Arts and Environmental Advocacy


In the course of Tom’s Life he has learned to understand and feel the greatest pleasures and pains of life. At a very young age he saw humanity at its highest and lowest extremes in the hospitals of South Viet Nam during the horrific American occupation during the 1960’s


In the arts he found how aesthetics can move people to understand and lovingly connect with one another and played a big role in expanding the Harp Music Industry on a global level.


As a Photographer, Science Fiction publisher, music publisher, art publisher of Illustrations from the Golden Age of Science Fiction, Tom knows that our Heart intelligence will lead us into a more harmonic future by supporting the arts.


His writing and photographs have been published in Surfer Magazine and 2 books chronicling the lives of Surfers stationed in Viet Nam during the Viet Nam War. “Between The Lines – The True story of Surfers during the Viet Nam War”  and “Charlie Don’t Surf but Aussies Do” a book chronicling Australian Surfers during the Viet Nam occupation.


Tom is also a dedicated environmental supporter and has been acknowledged for utilizing his professional marketing skills for nonprofit fund raising for organizations such as “Heal the Bay” during the early 1990’s and is presently the founding President of “Reef Guardians”, a non-profit organization which is dedicated to research to help halt the destruction of coral reefs and ocean life in Hawaii and around the world.


“Reef  Guardians ” is based on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.


Tom, Felipe and Jeff are dedicated to helping those who wish to grow into Champions for Life and live long lives creating a healthier more Harmonic environment for all.