Surf Till 100

Champions of Life

Leadership Program


Welcome to the Surf Till 100 Leadership Page


On This Page we will Be Discussing Key Elements to Assist You in Becoming


a Make a Difference Champion.





It has been said that "Everything Begins and Ends with Leadership" and as Time


goes on we hope to share with you what we are aware of in, Knowing The Way,


Showing the way and  Going the Way to make a difference in our Lives and the


world we all share .


The Foundation for Success - Our Organization's Culture  


Being a Champion for Humanity and Our Planet

through Servant Leadership







One of the biggest determining factors for a winning organization is its organizational culture. Organizational culture is the personality of an organization and defines what an organization is like to co-create with.


Organization culture includes our mission, vision, values, ethics, expectations, goals, and work environment.


The organization culture is really who we are it’s our DNA. It’s what our Members, Charities and   business partners see and experience when they come in contact with our organization, Heart Wave Adventures and Surf Till 100.