We Will Make a Difference


We are a collaboration of Champions taking responsibility for our fellow man and the Beautiful World we all share.  


Felipe Pomar, Jeff Hakman, Tom Woods

Founders, Heart Wave Adventures

and Surf Till 100

Our Mission and Vision


Our Mission:


  We are driven by a sense of urgency in the face of unprecedented decline in the physical and spiritual health of our global population and the global environmental threats, including war, which we now must confront if mankind is to survive


 Along with our pragmatic optimism that human ingenuity can overcome daunting challenges, our work focuses on creating and developing well-designed, Wellness, Leadership and Community Building educational programs that help the common person to become a resilient uncommon person, a True Champion for Life.


We are committed to Building a Culture of Champions


We are dedicated;

  1. To teach Evidence Based Wellness and Leadership programs that will reward our fellow man with the Physical Vitality, Mind and Heart of a Champion and the ability and willingness to make this world a better place by living a life that matters​.
  2. To develop heart based intelligence in leaders and teams that are actively contributing to the paradigm shift now underway for mankind, a shift from the survival of the fittest mentality to the survival of the most loving mentality, a mentality that supports Hope, Healing and Life.


Paradigm Shift Definition - (an important shift that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way)




Our Mission Objectives:


Our main commitment is to strengthen our fellow men and women in their Mind, Body and Heart;

  • To help others make their behavior congruent with optimum  beliefs, principles, values and their dreams
  • to help enlarge their vision, insight, and understanding and increase their sense of self-worth
  • To help them know and clarify their god given purposes  in order to rise above mediocrity to become self-created Champions
  • To influence others to think, speak and act in ways that make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others
  • To help them bring about positive physical, mental and spiritual changes that are permanent, self-perpetuating, and momentum building, adding to the creation of a sustainable and happy planet.

To help others become aware that this is a defining moment in time to live the life of a true champion, one who is making a difference in this world we all share.



Our Vision


In our vision we perceive current and future generations of Health and Environmental Stewards making a positive difference and leaving a legacy in our world.


People who we will help grow, by modeling and teaching and sharing Health and Leadership practices that create a sense of Harmony across the web of life.


Our Vision is built on these Beliefs:

  • We believe life is an Adventure, a sometime unsettling journey, with many potential rewards for those who follow their heart and are of service to others.
  • We believe that Life is a Wave of possibility inviting us to take a creative, rewarding, ride
  • We believe Life is a great school for the development of character, for all of us, and that through strife and struggle, vice and virtue, success and failure, we are slowly but surely learning the lessons of wisdom.
  • We believe that a better future for humankind requires healthy and wise stewardship of our planet’s network of life support systems.
  • We believe that each of us utilizing evidence based wellness are our own health insurance policy
  • We believe that life is a unified field of waves that we can live in Harmony with as the lord of our being
  • We believe that life is innately a Creative Wave of Freedom, Joy, Love and Peace
  • We also believe that lasting solutions will demand an informed, engaged public as well as holistic heart and mind driven leadership.