Today’s Champions


Surfing To 100 –   it’s a Dream of living a long, healthy, life, a metaphor for doing whatever you love to do,  within the unknown expanse of Future TIME.


When people hear “Surf Till 100” many laugh and think it’s foolish, silly, and unrealistic. They ask how do you beat the hands of Time to do what you love, longer than the average life TIME for human existence.

 But not all people react that way!


There are those adventurous souls who say “Wow! That sounds good Sign me Up, I want to get the Know How” to Surf Till 100. “

With these adventurous souls, they realize the Unkown is a place of fear, they realize that to achieve their dream of Surfing Till 100 they must break out of their present comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar within unknown.

They embrace the challenges they must face to reach their goals, to do whatever it takes to live their dream. To them the dream of a long life, a happy family, a better business, surfing, hiking, swimming whatever they love to do and a better world is highly valued and aligns with their core values. These are values imbedded deep within their hearts. Values that are not for sale, values that are not to be compromised!

 They enjoy embracing the challenge with full knowledge that there is a price that will have to be paid, a crucible that will have to be experienced to manifest their potential and there dream.

It’s a price that they will pay.


“One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.” 
― Krishnamurti

But to them what else is their?

They are not caught up in the consensual hallucination of being a victim of the world mentality, for the most part. They don’t accept the limitations set by those who don’t give it their all, not them, When they decide to do something they are all in!

For they have the Hearts and the minds of Champions and they don’t accept mediocracy, plain and simple, and that’s what it will take to Surf Till 100 and it can be done and we are here to help you.

The Age of Champions Begins Now

Champions, They “Go Deep”!

They want more than the security of a rocking chair in old age, they want to excel and live life to the Maximum and the great ones look for and assist others rowing there boats on the river of life, as they journey together, into the unknown, the land of infinite opportunities. That’s what Champions who want to achieve greatness do, they excel and make a difference! 


“The greatest explorer on this earth never takes voyages as long as those of the man who descends to the depth of his heart.” Julien Green


Champions - They connect with the hearts and minds of others

  • Champions live their lives intentionally.
  • They have A Passion for Personal Growth
  • The great ones are a Trustworthy Example - Teaching is easy, but modeling is difficult. Anyone can spout out theories, but only a select few can consistently apply knowledge to deliver results.
  • They Live a Life that exceeds expectations  
  • They Have Proven Experience - A Chinese proverb says, “To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.” Like a deep well holds nourishing water, a Champion with proven experience houses a wealth of wisdom.
  • Champions embrace failure as a necessity of their personal growth plan.
  • They foster Friendship & Support as Leaders - The best Champions listen and learn before they lead. They care about results, but more fundamentally, they care about people.
  • They model Competence -Champions make things better for others; they add value in their relationships. As a leader or guide, they help people (1) Prioritize their life, (2) See their value (3) Develop their potential
  • Champions draw from a source of power deep within their hearts. A power that keeps them moving when many others quit.
  • Champions help others grow
  • They inspire!

“In my experience, successful people shoot for the stars, put their hearts on the line in every battle, and ultimately discover that the lessons learned from the pursuit of excellence mean much more than the immediate trophies and glory. In the long run, painful losses may prove much more valuable than wins.”

- Josh Waitzkin , International Chess Master and the Middleweight World Co-Champion in Moving Step Push Hands.


Champions Exist In Every Walk of Life

 These unique people who are willing to pay the price to live the lifestyle that they desire are Champions for many reasons and the great ones do it for far more than personal gain and they do it intentionally walking into the unknown for the good of all.

  • Champions help those with less power and fewer resources, many who have frequently lacked the most basic of human necessities for housing, employment, food, health-care, education, and a clean and safe environment.
  • Champions Help the disadvantaged to come together, apply creative energies, and employ exponential thinking and actions to have their needs met.
  • Champions are Stewards in the maintenance of a healthy Planet
  • Champions know the necessity of Team work and are engaged in maintaining Harmony amongst their teammates.
  • Champions face their fears with Courage.
  • Real Champions are common people who develop the uncommon heart and mind intelligence to create greatness out of the nothing composing the Unknown


We are all Champions developing our Champion Character in the future realm of

the Unknown.


As the great American comedian George Burns said, “When you stop giving and offering something to the rest of the world, it’s time to turn out the lights.”