​Felipe Pomar - Co Founder

Heart Wave Adventures


Surf Till 100


Felipe Pomar has been blessed with a life full of travel and adventure and Aloha as a foundation to his mission of:

Helping mankind move into its Golden Age of evolution.


Specifically Felipe follows his heart with the mind of a Champion and focuses on:

  • Being a model of healthy practices,
  • Making a positive difference in the lives of others 
  • His leadership as an environmentalist helping to preserve Surfing locations around the globe.

When Felipe left his native country of Peru, at age 19, he began his hero’s journey.


His goal was to travel to Hawaii, to find and ride the biggest waves in the world, which represented the ultimate test for the greatest surfers. 


Along the way he kept being drawn to people that were dedicated to health and fitness, whose knowledge would later influence the course of his journey.


In the late 1950's, with his fitness discipline well-developed, Felipe set records in Big Wave and Paddle board competitions, including his 1965 hallmark success, as the First ISF-ISA World Surfing Champion.


In appreciation for Felipe’s Championship win, he received honors from the Peruvian president, Fernando Belaunde, who granted him the highest national sports award “Laureles Deportivos”.




During the next decade (1965-1975) Felipe  ranked 1st or within top three, in all International big wave competitions and became a Paddle Board Champion in Hawaii, Peru and Europe.


Photo -  Paul Strauch, Felipe Pomar, Jeff Hakman

During the late fifties and early sixties, he was part of a small group of pioneer surfers who searched the coast of Peru, discovering the premier big wave surfing spots. 

Years later, he was among the first to surf the outside reefs on the North Shore of Oahu.



Felipe met many challenges on his journey as a Big Wave champion but there was one unique challenge that Felipe would face.


  A powerful earthquake off the coast of Peru had generated a Tsunami.


As a violent earthquake shook the ground everyone on the beach ran for the hills but not Felipe, instead, Felipe and his best friend Pitty Block paddled into the ocean to meet and ride the Tsunami.


A truly unforgettable experience to say the least!


However, riding a Tsunami was not Felipe’s most dramatically memorable experience.


One day, while out surfing big waves solo, on the north shore of Oahu, Felipe had a near death experience under the water.

That experience changed his perspective on life.


 From that point forward, Felipe has devoted his life to studying and sharing his knowledge and experience related to Health , Longevity, personal development and the importance of our protecting our fragile environment.


As he explains: “I have been blessed with a second chance at life and I intend to make the most of it.”


Ultimately, Felipe has been riding Hawaii’s big waves and winning Paddle Board races for over half a century—a testament to the effectiveness of his personal health and longevity program.



Breaking a 50 Year Record



As a Champion Paddler, in April of 2013, Felipe returned to Lima Peru to take on a personal goal, to break a long distance prone paddle board record and in the presence of major media outlets Felipe amazingly broke a paddling record that he had set 50 years prior.


This paddling event was not just about a personal goal and being an inspiration for others , it had the purpose of raising awareness for ocean-related ecological issues, highlighting Peru’s  ancient Surfing roots and getting legislation passed to protect Peru’s waves.


First South American World Surfing Reserve Ambassador


For his contributions to the protection of the ancient history of Huanchaco Peru and the Caballito de Tortora (ancient surfing vehicle),


Felipe has been granted the position of “The Ambassador and Protector of the Huanchaco World Surfing Reserve” the first World Surfing Reserve in South America that he helped establish.





Felipe’s environmental commitment has just not been in Peru.  


Felipe has also worked to protect the coral reefs and waves of Hawaii, where he is a contributor to Kauai based  “Reef Guardians Hawaii”.


Felipe has also helped support the Establishment of the World Surfing Reserve on the Gold Coast of Australia.


Additionally Felipe is a supporter of The Surf Heritage Cultural Center, is an honorary member of Club Waikiki in Mira Flores , Peru, and he is a member of the Outrigger Canoe Club and The Save the Waves Coalition

Felipe says:


“As a young man, I was fortunate to meet people who inspired me to follow a healthy life style.


That choice allowed me to be successful in life and sport. I am now blessed with the opportunity to share this knowledge and help people build their health and extend their life.


I have joined forces with my two good friends, Jeff Hakman and Tom Woods.


We are working together to influence people around the globe to value the importance of health for the individual, the community, the ocean and the planet.”


Photo Below - Felipe Pomar, Tom Woods, Jeff Hakman


Felipe Pomar has become one of the living legends of Surfing.

He has earned the right to titles such as World Champion, Longevity Guru, Health Extension Specialist, Surf Historian, and Coral Reef and Wave Guardian.

And very importantly, he has become a source of powerful inspiration to others.



Photo Below

Felipe Pomar  - Kauai

Photo Larry Gehrke