Developing Environmental Champions


We are:


A Collaboration of Champions Taking Responsibility for Our Environment and that includes our fellow man.


Through innovative heart based educational programs and collaboration with other Champions,

We seek to,

  • Promote the development of the sense of wonder and curiosity that inspires positive change
  • To communicate the importance of creativity and innovation as the keys to a sustainable way of life when its aligned with respect for the Earth’s interconnected systems
  • To spotlight critical issues and showcase solutions
  • To motivate citizen involvement
  • To wire and inspire social entrepreneurs to accelerate problem solving
  • To bring humanity into harmony with itself and nature.


 The Heart Wave Adventures Team , as Surfers for the majority of our lives and with of an intimate relationship with Mother Nature for over 200 years combined are supporting the activities of Save the Waves and their establishment of World Surfing Reserves and Reef Guardians Hawaii in the education of present and future environmental stewards as our mission includes taking action and inspiring others to take action in order to address urgent threats to our planet's health and the very possible extinction of mankind.